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Donna Troy: Teen Titan by TrekkieGal

That's a great idea and very nicely done. You really succeeded making her look younger. I like her shiny eyes, they give her a young ex...


Country 2 by Egoak
Country 2
Strange things happen to the lil' ones going out to the country. Sue is and Cecy is

Being as meek, obedient, and well trained as they were, Nataly had no problems securing her dad's lil' ones to the metal frames. They each allowed their limbs to be shackled, even adjusting how they knelt to make it easier for her. She wondered how any woman could just be so...well, so damn tamed. But then, she honestly didn't care; their obedience was sure making her task much simpler.

Having the girls held firmly in place was necessary for what she had to do next. Moving around behind the bound beauties, Nataly lubed a large butt plug and began to work it into the brunette's lovely ass. She chose to plug this woman first because she appeared to be the stronger of the two, and she thought it would be fun to watch the reaction of the red head as her friend was penetrated.

She was not disappointed! The red head strained to see what was happening as the brunette whimpered and moaned beside her. The rigid collar built into the frame prevented her from turning her head far enough to see, though. The fear this was causing the little red head was a huge turn-on for her. Still, Nataly admired her dad's abilities in training these two as neither said a word in protest.

With the woman her dad called Sue out of the way, Nataly lubed the plug for the red head, Cecy. She was really going to enjoy this! Placing the tip of the huge plug against the woman's butt she held it there for a moment as the woman gasped and then squealed and moved her shapely little ass to try and avoid being penetrated. It was a fruitless effort, though, with the frame holding her in place. It was such fun to watch, though!

Finally, Nataly forced the object inwards until the narrow section at the end held it in place.

With that done, Nataly turned her attention to their mouths. After forcing their mouths wide open she fitted each with bladder gags that, when pumped up, filled their mouths completely. This forced them to breathe only through their noses and made breathing at all more difficult. To hold their heads where she wanted them she used nostrils hooks which were tied off to a bar overhead.

Perfect! Going to the cupboard, she returned with liquid feed bags. These were hung next to each woman and then the ends of the feed tubes were easily connected to the bladder gags. Opening the valves on the bags allowed the foul tasting fluid to flow down the tubes and into the girls' throats. With no way to expel the liquid the women were forced to swallow or be choked on it.

By the time Nataly replaced the feed bags with new, full bags, she could see their breasts beginning to swell. Larger and larger they grew until they were unbelievably big. When milk began to seep out of their nipples Nataly went to working attaching suction hoses over their tender nipples. Sue's eyes went wide when she felt the milking machine's suction on her tits, and Cecy's were even wider. 
Standing back to admire her work, Nataly said, "Don't worry, you'll only spend a week or so here and will be back in shape when dad returns."

Horrified, the lil’ one realized that they’d become milking cows.

‘Daddy’s gonna kill you for this,’ Sue thought.

“Ohh, and by the way, Dad is so proud and impressed that you volunteered to help while we’re a couple of cows short," Nataly said with a scornful laugh. She turned and left them alone for what would be a very long week.


Once again the fantastic has done a fantastic job of making my gibberish into a great story.

Country 1 by Egoak
Country 1

Looks like my lil’ ones- Sue in red and Cecy in yellow - can’t even visit my farm without ending up all tied up.

Thyra 8 by Egoak
Thyra 8
The walk back to the palace was a nightmare for the queen, but a triumph for Thyra. The queen had been sure that the people, her people, would protest against her enslavement. Her confidence was shattered, though, as her subjects in village after village applauded her captor. 

The Matriarch stood confident and powerful in the throne room, enjoying the sight of the defeated and humbled queen kneeling in front of her, naked except for the chains and metal cuffs.

“Now I can claim the crown and become the new Queen,” she said, very smugly.

Not quite yet, dear Aunt,’ an equally smug Thyra thought, projecting that thought towards the Matriarch.

What do you mean, silly girl?

Thyra could sense her aunt's confusion and took the opportunity to remind her elder of the protocol she seemed to have conveniently overlooked. ‘Only the one who defeated the queen can claim the crown, and it's well known that it was not you who enslaved her.

The mood was tense in the throne room and, despite no one else being able to hear their mental conversation, everyone present understood that there were some kind of power struggle going on between the Matriarch and her niece.  

Outside, Tyra was prepared to fight the Matriarch's dragon. The old dragon looked at the younger dragon and said, “I don’t know what you two are up to, but you know I cannot fight you.” Each dragon strained to hear the thoughts of their soul mates but were unable to penetrate the thick walls of the throne room. 

You want to become queen?’ the Matriarch asked, not believing that it could be true.

Not as badly as you, dear aunt. I propose we make a deal.

What do you want?’ The Matriarch was beginning to feel uneasy and, in a masked portion of her mind, she thought she might need to call for her dragon. Reaching out with her mind, she was shaken to find that the link was gone. She was alone, and understood that her old dragon and friend must be aware that there was no way they could defeat this young pair. Damn!! She should have killed Thyra, together with her mother, when she had the chance years ago.

Set me and Tyra free, and give me the queen and her maid. All four of us will disappear and no one will know what really happened.

The Matriarch considered her niece's demands. Everyone had thought that Thyra was strong and one of the best Warriors, but was not too bright. She looked at the young woman now and was impressed by what she saw. 

Do I have any choice?

Not if you want to be the Queen.

‘Then I accept your terms.’ Immediately she heard her dragon, ‘That’s a wise decision. You know I cannot defeat Tyra, and better a Queen than a dead Matriarch.

It was then that the Matriarch understood that Thyra's mind was as strong as her body. She had been mentally blocking all thoughts from leaving the chamber. Quickly seeing that her life was held in the balance, she spoke out for all to hear. 

“You’ve served me well, my niece, but it’s time for you to see the world, and make a name of yourself. Take this former queen and her maid as my farewell gift.”

All saw the ultimate defeat and humiliation of the queen. The new Queen didn’t even want to keep her, and instead of imprisoning her she gave her as gift to her young niece. No one but Thyra and the Matriarch knew the real reason for the decision to give her away. If the defeated queen suspected, she never mentioned it.

“Thanks a lot, aunt," Thyra said, as she bowed slightly to the new Queen of the Realm. "Rule wisely” 


Once again the fantastic mrhungry has done a fantastic job of making my gibberish into a great story.



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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 2, 2014, 11:18 PM

Today I finished ”Return to the enchanted forest”. It took some time, but I hope that you enjoyed it. I’ve got an idea for a follow up, but when I’ll make it I cannot say yet.

The next couple of days will show some images of a nameless, faceless girl. Always hooded and in latex and tied up.

I had to change a HD and in that connection I lost all of my characters and I’ve changed to DaZ 4.6 as well. For some days I actually was ready to stop rendering.

So I’ve got to redo everything, therefore if I’ve used you or one or more of your OC’s in the past. Let me know if you still want to be among my “girls”.

My foot is healing up nicely, but oh so slow, so I still had to sit on my :censored: a lot of the time.

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Who'll Win the Cat Fight. Sue or Cecy 

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